No latin characters :(

Mike Brown mike at
Tue Dec 21 19:12:01 PST 2004

Mário Gamito wrote:
> Hi again,
> I did everything just as you told me.
> When i type a latin letter like á, etc., i get a greek letter :(

Internally, your "á" is probably byte 0xE1, as that is how it is defined by 
the ISO-8859-1 character map, and I assume that it's being interpreted 
correctly on the input side. If this byte is interpreted for output/display 
according to another character map, then you will see some other character 
that you didn't intend. For example, if it looks like "ß" (Latin small letter 
sharp s, which is used when writing the German language), then the byte is 
being interpreted according to CP437.

If you tell us what character you get, it may help. We also need to know what 
you are using for display. Anything you can tell us about your setup, and how 
*we* can reproduce your results... There are so many possible points of 
failure, and you have not told us enough.

Are you using the console (using hardware text modes), or are you doing this 
via an X Window session and a terminal window, or are you SSHing in and 
looking at everything through a Windows or Mac OS X environment? If you're not 
doing this at the console, then what SSH or terminal app are you using and how 
do you have it configured? In what are you typing the non-ASCII characters -- 
a shell? a text editor? Which one? All of these things make a difference.


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