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Hi all,

I've been playing around with rrdtool for quite a while, but I still don't 
really get it. I've been trying to find some example scripts for rrdtool,
I really can't find much of them. I have found Erik de Mare's perl scripts 
already. However, the author does not reply to his mail, and only a few of 
his scripts work. Unfortunately I don't have any perl knowledge, so I cannot

fix them myself.

So my question is, do you guys know where I can find some other RRDtool 
example scripts? Preferably something involving with CPU load, apache stats 
and MySQL stats. All examples are welcome though :)

Thanks alot,

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Hello Jorn,

You may want to look into Cacti /usr/ports/net/cacti www.cacti.net ,
which is a frontend to rrdtool...

It has all what you need:

Best regards,

Andras Kende

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