PPP modem init string

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The (set dial) option sends Hayes 'AT' commands to the modem only
for dial out. Totally different situation for dial in to FBSD. In
that case you have to use the Hayes 'AT' commands to setup and save
your modem configuration in the modem's nvram. You have to tell the
modem to go into answer mode when the modem is powered on. That's
the only way to get it to pick up the inbound call.

Check the questions archives, this question has been answered many
times before and there are detailed instructions on how to setup you
modem and PPP to do this. Search for key works 'PPP dial in'  or
'FBSD answering modem' or 'inbound calls'

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        How do I get PPP to send an init string to my modem?  I'm
different PPP profiles in /etc/ppp/ppp.conf, and each one has a
different requirement for the configuration of the modem such as
outbound ISP and incoming.

Daniel Rudy

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