PPP modem init string

Daniel Rudy dcrudy at pacbell.net
Wed Sep 24 21:19:19 PDT 2003

Somewhere around the time of 09/24/2003 12:31, the world stopped and
listened as fbsd_user contributed this to humanity:
> The (set dial) option sends Hayes 'AT' commands to the modem only
> for dial out. Totally different situation for dial in to FBSD. In
> that case you have to use the Hayes 'AT' commands to setup and save
> your modem configuration in the modem's nvram. You have to tell the
> modem to go into answer mode when the modem is powered on. That's
> the only way to get it to pick up the inbound call.
> Check the questions archives, this question has been answered many
> times before and there are detailed instructions on how to setup you
> modem and PPP to do this. Search for key works 'PPP dial in'  or
> 'FBSD answering modem' or 'inbound calls'
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> Hello,
>         How do I get PPP to send an init string to my modem?  I'm
> using
> different PPP profiles in /etc/ppp/ppp.conf, and each one has a
> different requirement for the configuration of the modem such as
> outbound ISP and incoming.
> Thanks.
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I think that the mail archive search engine is broken.  No matter what I
try for a search query, it never finds anything.

Daniel Rudy

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