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> Hi,
> I am wanting to use host.allow and host.deny to make my box more secure. 
> Is there a site that can explain how to use them.

If I remember well :

The lib libwrap.a corresponds to the famous name "tcp_wrappers". 
This lib is designed to secure the access of some network services : xinetd,sshd,portmap, ...

Syntax of hosts_access files :

	examples :
	# Manage ALL tcp_wrapped services for the source address
	# Manage the pop3 service for the source address corresponding to the name my.computer.fr
	pop3d:	my.computer.fr

	You can specify multiple services with the comma (pop3d, in.telnetd)
	There is also the tag EXCEPT to specify an exception :

Order of reading :
	The tcp_wrapped network service will read before the hosts.allow and AFTRE the hosts.deny.
	The current  advice is to put the ALL:ALL in the hosts.deny

I hope it will help you.


> Thanks,
> Pup
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