Starting new entries in /etc/rc.conf

Bill Schoolcraft bill at
Wed Nov 26 13:52:04 PST 2003

At Wed, 26 Nov 2003 it looks like Lowell Gilbert composed:

> With something as important as starting up a mailer, I recommend a
> quick reboot just to be sure that it will start back up

Thanks for the reply,

This FreeBSD box is a headless one which is also has a DB9 to a
headless Ultra-10 at my house and when I reboot it does
something wonky to the Ultra-10 so I'd hate to do that remotely
right now for I'm at work and couldn't "kick-it" manually if I
had to.

I'll wait till I get home but for now Postfix is working fine,
just don't know if it will start automatically when I reboot.
When I built it from /usr/ports all it asked was "Do I want to
replace Sendmail with Postfix" and I said yes..

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