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At 2003-07-25T02:50:36Z, Tony Sterrett <tonyste at> writes:

> Like all of my action this is the result of a requirement.

Yeah, I get the "interesting" requests, too.

> I'm required to run two by nametech to register it, They said "they can
> even be on one box".

Can they be the same instance of BIND, as in, setting it up to listen on two

> In our configuaration, one machine faces the internet and there is a
> number of computers behind the firewall which use NAT. I would like to run
> the slave on a internal box but as the addresses are funky due to NAT.

I'm doing that exact thing with BIND 9.  It's "views" features allows you to
give multiple answers for a query depending on the address of the machine
asking.  On my LAN, "" resolves to  The same
query from outside my LAN returns  Maybe that could help
Kirk Strauser
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