Mac mini and FreeBSD - some initial details

Peter Grehan grehan at
Sun Jan 23 22:03:34 PST 2005

> In order to get one on the first day, I had to take a standard
> config.  So, I don't have bluetooth or airport extreme on this
> Mac-mini.  I have no idea what FreeBSD might do with those.

  Nothing yet. Maybe never :-(

  They're both Broadcom parts with no public documentation. I've used 
external Bluetooth USB dongles successfully on FreeBSD/PPC.

>>   [... In disklabel:]           I found the partition which I
>> had created for FreeBSD (in my case it was 'ad0s5'), and
>> created a partition there, naming it '/'.
> Oh, and since I only have one partition for *everything* in
> FreeBSD, I turned on softupdates for the '/' partition.  I don't
> know if anyone else has been running softupdates on PPC...
> (I would like it for doing dump/restore copies, if nothing else)

  I haven't tried that, so let us know how it goes.



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