Mac mini and FreeBSD - broadcom

Joaquin Menchaca linuxuser at
Sat Jan 29 19:40:09 PST 2005

Peter Grehan wrote:

>> In order to get one on the first day, I had to take a standard
>> config.  So, I don't have bluetooth or airport extreme on this
>> Mac-mini.  I have no idea what FreeBSD might do with those.
>  Nothing yet. Maybe never :-(
>  They're both Broadcom parts with no public documentation. I've used 
> external Bluetooth USB dongles successfully on FreeBSD/PPC.

Seriously?!?!! OMG.  I just was reading Linux Unwired, and they warned 
that there is no support for Broadcom due to that problem, documentation 
or cooperation.   That's horrible.

I wonder if the wireless lan kit for the shuttles 
might fit nicely into the mini...  Though, I hope they don't use 
broadcom either.

If it'll help maybe we should write letters to CE0 "Scott A. McGregor" 
and CTO "Dr. Henry Samueli":

   Broadcom Corporation
   16215 Alton Parkway
   Irvine, California USA 92618

Perhaps nothing will heppn, but then you never know...

  - joaquin

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