Mac mini and FreeBSD - dmesg.boot!

Garance A Drosihn drosih at
Sun Jan 23 21:22:24 PST 2005

At 2:39 PM +1000 1/24/05, Peter Grehan wrote:
>  > Well, I did get it going.  There are a lot of things that I
>  > am tempted to do with it,
>  Let us in on your plans! At the moment I'm trying to get the
>latest Xorg server port running.

Nothing too exciting.  Now that I know I *can* install it, I
might re-parition the whole thing to have multiple FreeBSD
installs.  That has saved me several times when developing on
i386 and sparc64!  And I want to set up some of my "standard
programs" (which doesn't include X...), like bash, rsync, and
subversion.  And there's some other changes I'm working on, where
I would like to at least test-compile on PPC before I do anything
with them.

I'd also like to try OpenBSD/macppc on it, just to see how
close that comes to working.

And of course, I also have some MacOS-related things to test.
This Mac-mini is in my office, and if it works out well then
I'll probably buy another one to replace a G4 cube that I am
still using for some things at home.

>>Oh, one more thing I noticed.  When I reboot back into MacOS 10,
>>it still shows the two freebsd partitions, and it claims they
>>are formatted as "MacOS Extended (Journalled)". [...]
>  It shouldn't matter too much. FreeBSD ignores the partition
>type and doesn't change it.

Actually, what I'm the most worried about is that the MacOS 10
side thinks that is a perfectly nice, empty, usable partition.
Is there any good way to hide those partitions from MacOS 10?
(I guess I could just unmount them at startup).

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