Mac mini and FreeBSD - dmesg.boot!

Garance A Drosihn drosih at
Sun Jan 23 20:14:53 PST 2005

At 2:01 PM +1000 1/24/05, Peter Grehan wrote:
>Hi Garance,
>>Heh.  Well, it isn't a bummer yet!  I wasn't giving up at that
>>point, I just had to head home due to the storm.
>>After futzing around for a few hours, I have the following in
>>/var/run/dmesg.boot in a partition on my mini-Mac.  I bought
>>the faster model (1.42 GHz PowerPC G4).  I have it setup in a
>>multi-boot situation, between MacOS 10 and FreeBSD/PPC.  I'm
>>still futzing around with it, and I may not have it set up quite
>>right yet, but FreeBSD/PPC is up and running on it!
>  Good to hear. Did you have to work around the problem with
>disks not being found ?

Just in case my earlier message was confusing, note that it was only
the CD/DVD drive that the installer could not find, or at least it
could not recognize.  It had no problem finding the hard disk.

I wrote up most of the tricks I had to use in a separate message,
with the subject of "Mac mini and FreeBSD - some initial details"...

It's possible that I will reformat the disk and redo all of these
installs, so I could try to write up more details if it's needed.

Oh, one more thing I noticed.  When I reboot back into MacOS 10, it
still shows the two freebsd partitions, and it claims they are
formatted as "MacOS Extended (Journalled)".  I am *pretty* sure
that I originally had DiskUtility format them as "Unix File System",
so I find that a little odd.  However, I did repartition the disk
several times, so maybe I created those partitions as HFS+ on my
final time.

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