Trouble upgrading math/fftw3 on 6.4-STABLE

Leslie Jensen leslie at
Thu Jun 4 04:40:41 UTC 2009

> to /etc/make.conf.  And if you really want to save
> time, network traffic, and disk space, and you don't need to use math/fftw3 with Fortran programs, then build math/fftw3 WITHOUT_FORTRAN, by changing
> math/fftw3's FORTRAN option to 'off' via 'make
> config'. Then you won't have to install lang/gcc43,
> with or without gcj.
> b.

Thank you!

Deselecting the fortran option solves the problem with fftw3.

But if some port will want to install gcc later the problem will reoccour.

As of now I don't need gcc but I'm not happy with the knowledge that one 
port will not build. I've tried all the suggestions that have been given 
here on the list and none of them have helped gcc build on my system.

Any suggestions on how to digg further into the gcc won't build problem?

I'll try installing gcc as a package and see if it works. What about 
when there's an upgrade availible then? Won't the build problem reoccour?


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