xdm no longer included in X.Org 7.4 port

John Marshall john.marshall at riverwillow.com.au
Sun Jan 25 19:07:55 PST 2009

I made the mistake of upgrading ports on my notebook just after X.Org
7.4 had hit the ports tree (on top of a few other significant updates in
recent days).  When things started looking increasingly messy, I decided
my quickest way out was to start again from scratch.

- drop to single-user
- pkg-delete -a
- install required ports (including x11/xorg)
- exit single-user
- No xdm


The x11/xorg-apps Makefile has been completely re-worked and no longer
includes a RUN_DEPENDS= x11/xdm, so presumably the change is
intentional.  Perhaps a config option to prompt for installation of a
favourite display manager might be helpful?  A warning of this changed
behaviour of the meta-port in UPDATING?

I guess I just go ahead now and install x11/xdm - and then discover the
next thing missing that has "always been there".

Thanks to all who have worked on this X.Org 7.4 port.  I'm grateful for
all the work you put in to this.  It's just that the missing display
manager was more than a bit of a surprise.

John Marshall
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