Caldav calendar server for freebsd

Da Rock rock_on_the_web at
Sun Feb 10 14:40:40 UTC 2008

Hi guys. This may be old news, but I'm looking for a calendar server for freebsd. I've searched the ports but found nothing suitable (I'm having an issue with webcalendar which I've posted on their forums, plus I'm not sure it's what I'm after- keep reading to find out why), and I've trawled the net.

I need some functions which are a must:

1. web accessible (duh :))
2. evolution accessible
3. evolution postable
4. multi-user

I have seen a few, but I'm not sure whether they will work on freebsd, and as I am using a production mc I'm a little hesitant to test this. It seems most caldav servers revolve around java, and the php davical is only made on debian (although being php it should work?).

I'm considering building my own, but it appears that caldav is the way to go anyway. My only other alternative then is to figure out the evolution problem of posting to webcal's, in which case I'll go and bug the guys at gnome evolution.... :) (that and a whole bunch of other problems I'm working on- yay!)

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