amule 2 port - trying an upgrade

Dmitry Marakasov amdmi3 at
Fri Aug 22 22:13:43 UTC 2008

* Torfinn Ingolfsen (tingox at wrote:

> and it looks like configure pick up the old flex:
> root at kg-vm# grep flex work/a*/config.log
> configure:4647: checking for flex
> configure:4663: found /usr/bin/flex
> configure:4673: result: flex
> configure:4837: flex conftest.l
> configure:8884: checking for extended flex capabilities
> configure:8898: Your flex version doesn't support --header-file flag.
> This is not critical, but an upgrade is recommended
> ac_cv_prog_LEX=flex
> LEX='flex'
> How do I tell the prt to usethe flex in /usr/local/bin?
I think you should hack configure with REINPLACE_CMD and change

for ac_prog in flex lex


for ac_prog in ${LOCALBASE}/flex

something like that.

> Anyway, I'll test and see if this is the problem.
> Some time passes.. no, that didn't make a difference.I renamed
> /usr/bin/flex to flex.old and configure picks up the new flex, but man
> pages still won't install. :-(
You can see several

test: yes: unexpected operator
test: no: unexpected operator
test: yes: unexpected operator
test: yes: unexpected operator

thingies in the configure output.
Those are because FreeBSD test doesn't support ==, so

if test "$AMULECMD" == "yes"; then

fails and AMULECMD_MANPAGES is thus empty.

You should REINPLACE_CMD -e '/if test/ s|==|=|' ${WRKSRC}/configure (and
it's good to submit that fix upstream; bashisms should be eliminated).

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