FreeBSD Port: icu-3.6

Mihai Tanasescu mihai at
Tue Nov 7 12:37:04 PST 2006

Aron Stansvik wrote:

>> On Thursday 02 November 2006 09:12, Brooks Davis wrote:
>> = > So far, this was only reported on 5.x -- I never saw this error on
>> = > 6.2, and the packages build on the cluster... Can I have access to
>> = > your system to try to reproduce it?
>> =
>> = I'm seeing the same problem, but a different malloc error message on
>> = CURRENT as of a few weeks ago (I was trying to upgrade before 
>> reporting,
>> = but I've been having buildworld problem).
>> Can I see your output of
>>     make -C /usr/ports/devel/icu -V CFLAGS -V CXXFLAGS -V CONFIGURE_ENV
>> I suspect, you are omitting the `-fno-strict-aliasing' flag... Thanks!
> I can confirm that this was the issue. I'm using RELENG_6 and I had
> the same problem. -fno-strict-aliasing was in CXXFLAGS but not in
> CFLAGS, I added it to CFLAGS in make.conf and devel/icu compiled fine.
> PS. I'm not subscribed to freebsd-ports@, so if my mail don't reach
> the list, could you post my findings to the list for others to see
> Mikhail? I'm subscribed to far too many lists already :) DS.
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This was also my problem.

Thanks for the solution.


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