BEWARE upgrading Horde System

Thierry Thomas thierry at
Fri Apr 7 22:05:19 UTC 2006

Le Ven  7 avr 06 à 18:38:31 +0200, Marc G. Fournier <scrappy at>
 écrivait :
> >The Horde config is backed up to conf.php.previous on every upgrade.
> >Simply copying this file back to conf.php, checking permissions, then
> >regenerating the config through the web is enough to get you right back
> >where you left off (provided you have done any other required upgrade
> >steps).
> Right, now go upgrade your IMP, or Turba, or Kronolith?  And what about 
> changes to registry.php?
> All that should happen on an upgrade is the .dist files get upgraded, not 
> blindly overwrite any of the .php files that an admin may or may not have 
> modified ... that is why the base distribution has .dist files ...
> On an initial install, although it does add more work, putting the 
> original .php files in place is cool ... but, for instance, my motd.php 
> files for IMP is now gone, which had a bunch of programming in it to 
> redirect ppl coming in to various places ... now it has a 'Powered by 
> Horde' icon :(

Which was your previous versions? All modified config/*.php should have
been saved as config/*.php.previous, and a message should have been

          cp -p $cf $cf.previous
          echo "===> Backing-up..."
          echo "--->   $cf has been saved ***"
          echo "--->      as $cf.previous ***"

Note: this is deactivated if PACKAGE_BUILDING is defined.
Th. Thomas.

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