apache runs as root in a jail?

jdyke jdyke at azimapower.com
Mon Oct 3 15:11:32 PDT 2005

i've installed apache in a jail recently via ports and have installed
apache more times then i can remember...today i noticed something
interesting that i'm hoping to get some clarification on.

using PHP, when i dump out $_ENV. i get the _ENV['USER'] index set to
root, when i do this in a regular install of apache on the main FreeBSD
server, i have no _ENV['USER'] at all associated with the script.

Why do the jailed apaches get assigned root as a user and nothing is
assigned to the main install.  ultimately, i'd like to have any script run
as www....but for no amd just trying to understand how the jail is
affecting the environment.

i have some gueses, but don't want to clutter the mail...


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