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Sun Dec 19 13:17:42 PST 2004

falaki at wrote:
> Hello every body
>         I am a freebsd user and fan and speak Persian. There are now
> plenty of Persian (Farsi) software available on Linux - thanks to
> FarsiLinux project and others. Some of these are available on the
> ports tree in misc/ directory but most are not. I think it would
> be great to gather them all in a Persian/ directory like many
> other languages, especially because their number is going to
> increase soon. I am willing and would be very happy to do the job
> and have began reading the porters handbook, but I don't know who
> I should contact. Can anybody help me?
> Mohammad H. Falaki,
> Computer Engineering Student,
> Sharif University of Tech.

Mohammed -

A great place to start would be supplying figures for how many 
Persian-specific ports there are, to justify the creation of a virtual 

# Adam

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