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Tue May 27 05:29:20 PDT 2003

Tuesday, May 27, 2003, 1:35:00 PM, you wrote:

>> The problem is not in my ports, but in others depending on mod_php4,

JR> That's not completely true. That's the same reason as it is for 16 bit
JR> real-mode on Pentium4 processors :-)

=) If something is not optimal, I prefer to make it optimal and fix
what depends on it :-)

JR> I maintain devel/php-dbg, but I need a working php port to fix the
JR> problem devel/php-dbg has with new php4 port.

I already have a patch for your port (since it's quite a copy of one
of my php extension Makefile ;-)). BTW the php4 port is working,
you may already fix the dependency (or wait untill the re-commit and
the commit of the include makefile). Simply add USE_PHPIZE=yes and
remove a lot of lines :-)

JR> I've recognized it. Looks to be great work.

Thanks :)

JR> Than each port which depends on
JR> mod_php4 could be checked separately without requiring a huge commit for
JR> all ports.

Some days ago I did a search for all ports depending incorrectly on
mod_php4 (incorrectly for the new php/pear ports system, of course)
and excepts ports maintained by Thierry Thomas and me (which are many,
but we projected this change) there are very few others (about 4 or
5), so that's not a huge commit. Later, without hurry, we can adjust
ports that correctly depends on mod_php4 to use the include Makefile.

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