photo and comment of commiters

Serge Gagnon gagnon__s at
Thu Jun 5 09:51:46 PDT 2003

I am the maintainer of the port misc/xrmap.
I saw the commiters coordinates file in the astro/xearth port and I'm a
little bit jealous ;)

I would like to do something like this with xrmap, but with some
additions and I need, for those who want, a photo and a little comment
from each commiter.

When you'll start xrmap with a little option
xrmap options -define `{xrmap-freebsd} , it will draw the name of the
commiters in the map (like this it is just an
example- edwin is not associate with this project) and when you'll click
on the name, it will popup the face of the commiter, edwin in this case,
and a xterm with some info (email comment etc... what you want or send
to me).

I'll also try to draw some pretty "beasty" at the freebsd's ftp.

This will not change the software (xrmap). It is just an addition of,
probably, one shell script to the port.

Is there somebody here who have an objection with this inclusion in
misc/xrmap ?

Serge Gagnon <gagnon__s at>
Quebec, Qc, Canada
GPG key available from:

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