typo in checksum of Samsung-SmartGDI-all-GS.tar.gz

Nakata Maho chat95 at mbox.kyoto-inet.or.jp
Sun Jul 20 19:49:31 PDT 2003

Hi, Krzysztof,

> Maybe it is a good idea to name this archive with numbers (version)?
This is not our work...if you want to do, please contact author of
Samsung-SmartGDI-all-GS.tar.gz. may be at www.linuxprinting.org :)

> So I return my previous words about typo in distinfo :-)))
Yes, so I fixed(maintainer is just ports@).

$ grep Samsu /usr/ports/print/ghostscript-gnu/distinfo
MD5 (ghostscript/Samsung-SmartGDI-all-GS.tar.gz) =

$ md5 /usr/ports/distfiles/ghostscript/Samsung-SmartGDI-all-GS.tar.gz
MD5 (/usr/ports/distfiles/ghostscript/Samsung-SmartGDI-all-GS.tar.gz) =

> What do you think about PR? Is it still needed?

My recommendation. Problems can be tracked easily.
However, in this case, i have already committed, so
unnecessary. Please fill your pr next time.

Thanks for your report,

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