typo in checksum of Samsung-SmartGDI-all-GS.tar.gz

Krzysztof Stryjek wtp at mud.pl
Sun Jul 20 10:45:38 PDT 2003

Hello again,

Well, I've check it deeply and I think I know where is the problem.

I've got old, very old Samsung-SmartGDI-all-GS.tar.gz in my distfiles. So
when fetch tried to fetch this archive it complained, that localtime of
archive is different that on the server. So I removed old archive and try
to fetch it once again.

Unfortunatelly on FTP mirrors there are old files (from April) and at this
link http://www.linuxprinting.org/download/printing/samsung-gdi/ there is
correct one. So problem is with that fact.

Maybe it is a good idea to name this archive with numbers (version)?

So I return my previous words about typo in distinfo :-)))

What do you think about PR? Is it still needed?

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