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Wed Jul 16 01:03:46 PDT 2003

> >> Out of curiosity, should Konsole make a utmp entry?
> > It actually does make
> > utmp-entries in Linux, but requires the "utempter" utility/library to do
> > so, which isn't ported.

> > I guess the next question is what would it take to port utempter?
> I need to investigate more.

Okay, done with the investigation: utempter makes extensive use of both 
ptsname & friends (as specified by POSIX.1, which we only implement in 5.0+) 
and SUSv2's utmpx, which we don't implement at all. Someone really 
knowledgeable with pty-stuff might still be able make a compatible workalike 
(or hack bsd-specific utmp-supportcode directly into konsole), but not me... 

I'm forwarding this to kde@ for the guys with the coding skillz to ponder 

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