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On Wednesday 16 July 2003 02:56, Larry Rosenman wrote:
> --On Wednesday, July 16, 2003 02:29:15 +0200 Michael Nottebrock
> <michaelnottebrock at> wrote:
> > Larry Rosenman wrote:
> >> Out of curiosity, should Konsole make a utmp entry?
> >>
> >> xterm makes one, but KDE3.1's Konsole doesn't.
> >
> > That's expected behaviour (of Konsole). It actually does make
> > utmp-entries in Linux, but requires the "utempter" utility/library to do
> > so, which isn't ported.
> I guess the next question is what would it take to port utempter?

I'm going to check in the near future. It is only because of your question 
that I noticed this feature at all - previously I thought there's just no way 
to do it. However, from a quick glance it seems utempter is a rather obscure 
RedHat-hack that everyone (in Linuxland) packages, but whose sources are 
rather hidden - I need to investigate more.

> It's annoying me, because I've got a guest on my system helping debug
> ACPI, and occasionally want to be able to talk him, and I have to have a
> real xterm up.

The general opinion of the KDE developers has always been that it's not up to 
xterm or any terminal to log in a user into utmp but to the session manager, 
i.e. xdm or kdm. If you choose to run kdm, its default configuration will log 
a user in to utmp - if you prefer to startup X11 with startx however, there's 
no way but letting the terminal do it. I guess that there was some vocal 
demand for konsole to do that from the startx-crowd - and since the vocal 
crowds in KDE are usually Linux users, that's probably the reason why someone 
came up with using utempter as a fix.

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