[PYTHON-BINDINGS] compiling FreeBSD port with svn bindings

Sander Striker striker at apache.org
Mon Aug 11 05:21:06 PDT 2003

> From: Garrett Rooney [mailto:rooneg at electricjellyfish.net]
> Sent: Monday, August 11, 2003 2:13 PM

> Actually, gstein, jerenkrantz, and myself discussed this at OSCON, and 
> came up with a way to make it work without apr threads, something about 
> requiring us to pick up the python interpreter lock when entering 
> subversion code if we don't have threads turned on in apr (since all 
> subversion calls are potentially not thread safe in that case).
> I don't think anyone has gotten around to implementing this, but it 
> seems like this problem can be made to go away in the near future.

See rev 6590 ;).


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