Xfce 4.2.1: xffm crashes

Oliver Lehmann lehmann at ans-netz.de
Sun May 8 22:54:28 UTC 2005

Hi David,

David Nies wrote:

> Hello!
> I emailed the port maintainer of the xfce port a month ago, but he 
> didn't answer... perhaps my bugreport was not orderly... That's why I 
> send my problem here.

Uh - you should have sent me a reminder... looks like i just forgot it -
I'm sorry!

> Errormessage:
> ``g_module_open(/usr/X11R6/lib/xfce4/xffm/libxffm_prop.so) == NULL''

It looks like I fixed it... I've started a last build to be shure. If I'm
right, I'll commit the fix tomorrow afternoon (CEST) 

 Oliver Lehmann

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