Julian Elischer julian at
Tue Sep 21 20:45:03 UTC 2010

  On 9/21/10 7:05 AM, Andre Oppermann wrote:
> On 21.09.2010 14:51, Lars Eggert wrote:
>> Hi,
>> am I correct in that multi-FIB support is currently only working 
>> for IPv4? At least "setfib<x>
>> route add -inet6<addr> <gw>" adds the route into all FIBs, not only 
>> FIB<x>. (For IPv4, it works
>> correctly.)
> It seems multi-FIB is incomplete for IPv6. Also radix multi-path
> is incomplete for IPv6 at the moment.
> Ingo Flaschberger has started working on radix multi-path by fixing
> bugs and porting further work from OpenBSD. IPv6 support is also on
> the map. He's working with Qing Li and me refine these changes to
> eventually get them into -current. Multi-FIB is a natural extension
> of this topic that may get tackled in a next step.
Multiple FIB support has not been added to the IPV6 code.
it requires someone who actually understands IPV6 (which is not me)
but it is not really rocket science.

if there is someone who has access to, and understands IPV6,
then I can guide them on what needs to be done.

I know that CISCO STBU (ex Ironport) are looking for this to be done.
Maybe they can sponsor someone to do it. (but I don't have time).

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