kern/134658: [bce] bce driver fails on PowerEdge m610 blade.

David Christensen davidch at
Wed Jan 20 19:04:11 UTC 2010

> While trying to debug the same issue I stumbled across this 
> thread ...  We've got HS22 blades (IBM BladeCenter) which 
> habe the BCM5709S and suffer from exactly the same problem.
> Dave, are there any news regarding the PHY implementation?
> If there's decent documentation I might even give it a try 
> myself, provided that it's not too complex.  (I've done 
> hardware programming before, but I've never touched a NIC/PHY 
> driver, except for very trivial fixes.)

Pyunh has taken an active interest in this effort and sent out
a patch yesterday, though he doesn't have hardware to test.  I'm
planning on giving his patch a try today to see how close he got
on his first attempt.


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