8.1-RELEASE em watchdog timeout broken?

Scott Johnson scottj75074 at yahoo.com
Wed Aug 4 05:29:22 UTC 2010

> "whenever my desktop PC"
> Now this is where u FAIL. Use dubuntu or windows7 on desktop not FBSD
> and don't try again.
> Jax

Perhaps I wasn't clear. The desktop PC (which runs WinXP) is connected directly 
to the em0 port on my FreeBSD server. No Ethernet switch in-between.

I connect it directly to the server so that I don't need a gigabit switch. The 
second Ethernet port on the FreeBSD box (em1) is connected to the 100Mb switch, 
and the two interfaces are bridged using if_bridge.

Perhaps you could try not to be so rude with your unhelpful responses in the 

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