if_bridge FreeBSD 6.0 on a Broadcom interface not working

Bruce Walker bmw at borderware.com
Wed Jan 11 09:19:14 PST 2006

David Leimbach wrote:

>x86 machine with FreeBSD 6 and using
>if_bridge to connect the tap0 interface with xl0 with great success.
>I tried to duplicate this configuration on a dual opteron machine that has
>Broadcom adapters and when I add the bge0 or bge1 interfaces to the bridge0
>iface that I create I lose all connectivity.  The moment I destroy the
>bridge0 interface, bge0 or bge1 as it may be begins responding again.

Hmmm.  I'm getting this *exact* behaviour but with two Intel Ether 
Express Pro/1000 interfaces.  Previously, I was fiddling with if_bridge 
bridging in a box (HP VLi8) with the built-in 3Com i/f (xl0) and an 
add-in PRO/1000 card (em0).  That worked great.  So I have now 
duplicated that config in a Supermicro board (X6DHP-8G2; single 3.2 GHz 
Xeon) with three PRO/1000 interfaces, using em0 and em1.

As soon as I boot up with em0 and em1 added to the bridge0 interface, I 
lose IP connectivity.  Interestingly, I can ping hosts by IP address.  
But all attempts to do anything else, eg NTP, DNS or ssh are futile.

So it would seem to me that bridging with two identical (ie hardware) 
interfaces breaks if_bridge.

David: have you learned anything new?

If anyone wants me to run some tests, please let me know.


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