Problems with SK and EM network cards/drivers on my system

Dave+Seddon dave-sender-1932b5 at
Sun Sep 18 17:04:39 PDT 2005

It would also be interesting to know if you've got device polling enabled.  
If so, what sysctl settings do you have. 

Dave Seddon 

Mike Tancsa writes: 

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> wrote: 
>>Im having an issue with my new linksys eg1032 nic and the onboard intel 
>>82547EI on my new server.  ill go over both problems individually and 
>>include my dmesg below that.  
>>now the EM problem. 
>>when i am running a very high network load (streaming video, dumping 
>>ALOT of data across the network, etc) the network card disconnects (i 
>>loose pings and all my transfers drop) and 15-20 seconds later it pops 
>>up on the console with "em0: Link is up 1000 Mbps Full Duplex" and then 
>>it starts working again.  again im at a dead wall and really want my 
>>network to work properly so i can do what i need to do. 
> Not sure about the sk issue, but there have been some changes to the
> em driver since 5.4.  If you can, I would try moving to 6.0R when it
> comes out.  Also, what is the em nic plugged into ? Does the port have
> any logging facilities to see what might be going on from the switch's
> perspective ? 
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