Net setup failing at startup

Xinizul Xinizul xinizul at
Sat Nov 13 09:18:16 PST 2004

Hello all,

Just a simple question.

When booting my FreeBSD 5.3 it launches the dhclient application and
seems all was ok.

But once finished the startup It seems the internet connection was not
properly set.

I am connected to an ADSL provider and I have not a static IP.

Then I have always to configure it through the sysinstall application.
Afterwards it works nice.

But everytime I reboot the "devy" I have to repeat the process through

Since I'm not a network expert I will be very thankful to anybody that
could help me.

It'd be also very nice if somebody could give me a link to some free
Network Adiminstration book or documentation (better if based on
FreeBSD) just to learn.

(In fact I've installed FreeBSD to start learning how to manage a Unix
OS, not a Unix-like OS as linux ;-).

Thanks a lot,


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