INADDR_ANY bind in a multiip jail

Andre Oppermann andre at
Sat Dec 4 12:39:26 PST 2004

Meno Abels wrote:
> Hello,
> i had made a patch for 5_X (kern/69064) jail code which enables ipv6 and
> multi ip numbers to a jail.
> I currently solved the INADDR_ANY binding to map to the first ip of
> the jail. But this is not really the good solution it would be better to bind
> to all ip's of the jail. Which are simple to determine the ip number which
> are needed. But how i change in_pcbbind to support multiip binds.
> The problem is, there is only one pcb which can only bound to one
> ip or just INADDR_ANY. But now i need a pcb which is able to bind to
> two or more ip's. This is not intended in the current code. But to change
> this it will be a huge change in the current datastructures of the kernel
> networking part.
> I don't like to change so much code at once so i ask you is there any
> other clue to solve the INADDR_ANY mapping to a defined number of
> ip's.

How pressing is the need to have multiple IP's within a jail?


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