netgraph only on i386/ia64 - why ?

Scott Long scottl at
Wed Aug 18 11:30:04 PDT 2004

John Polstra wrote:
> On 18-Aug-2004 Julian Elischer wrote:
>>John Polstra wrote:
>>>There is one problem with netgraph on 64-bit platforms.  The ng_msghdr
>>>struct is 52 bytes / 4-byte aligned (see ng_message.h).  That means
>>>the message payload is not well-aligned for 64-bit platforms.  It
>>>would be nice to fix that (and bump NG_VERSION, of course).  Nobody
>>>ever guaranteed that the message payload would be aligned, but it
>>>makes things a lot more convenient.
>>if we do this we should do it now so that we have a consistent ABI from 5.3 on..
>>scott (et al), should we pad an extra 4 bytes in this now?
>>it's low/no risk, but better now than after 5.3 has been released..
> I'd really like to see this change happen.  Julian, would it require
> bumping just NG_VERSION, or should NG_ABI_VERSION change too?
> John

The first step here is to commit to HEAD.  Once the details are worked
out, we'll likely approve it for RELENG_5.


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