Ongoing problems with the "ath" interface - is any relief in sight??

Yuri Lukin lists at
Sun Jul 30 01:58:18 UTC 2006

Ross Finlayson wrote ..
> One more data point: These errors occur far more frequently when 
> there are several different clients associated to the base station 
> simultaneously.  (E.g., today the errors occurred many times when 
> there were up to 9 clients associated at one time.
> Has anyone else had experience using the "ath" interface (on FreeBSD 
> 6.1-STABLE(hah!)) in hostap mode - i.e., as a base station?  I find 
> it difficult to believe that I'm the only person experiencing these 
> problems.
> Again, if there's anything more I can to to help diagnose the 
> problem, pelase let me know.
> 	Ross.

FWIW, I've had constant issues for the past few months or so with my 
atheros based XG-621s in several Soekris boxes running hostap. I was
constantly seeing "ath0: device timeout" errors which would seize
the card and the only was to revive it was to reboot the box. I upgraded
to 5354M+ Aries 2 4G cards but the problem remained. Upgrading to 6.1-STABLE 
a few days ago seemed to have taken care of my problems. It's been 
4 days now and so far so good. 


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