Samsung X20-XVM 1600-V

Rainer Duffner rainer at
Thu Jul 7 13:36:28 GMT 2005

Oliver Fromme wrote:

>Rainer Duffner <rainer at> wrote:
> > I couldn't yet get 1400x1050 to work on my FSC Lifebook E8010 (i855GM).
> > I used i855ctl, but it only works (=has a positive effect) with SuSE 9.2.
>There's a tool called "855resolution" (which supposedly
>also supports the i915 and others), and an enhanced
>version called "915resolution".  It is for Linux, but
>shouldn't be difficult to port to FreeBSD.  Some URLs:
>Someone ported it to FreeBSD (you need to recompile the
>enclosed *.c file manually, it seems):

I tried the version from Damien Bergamini.
Must try those you mentioned.
With the drivers from Damien's page, you should also get the WLAN to 
work, though.

>They give a 2-year pick-up warranty.  What more could I
>ask for?  

They don't say how long it takes to "pick" it up - and you don't know 
how long it takes until you get it back.
While various trade-magazine horror-stories may not be representative, 
they are reason enough for me to stay away from consumer-level 
notebooks: simply too many customers and too little incentive for 
vendors to produce quality goods.

>I'm also very satisfied with Samsung's service
>on harddisk.  I've recently had a broken Samsung IDE HDD
>(slightly more than 2 years old).  I called their hotline
>and was told that the drive has 3 years of warranty, and
>got instructed to package and send them the HDD for re-
>placement.  When I told the guy that I use BSD instead of
>Windows, he even suggested to include a hardcopy of the
>system log which contains applicable error messages from
>the drive.
>Samsung may be "consumer-level", but I'm quite satisfied
>with their service.

Good for you. I hope the Laptop CS is also run by the same people ;-)


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