Suspend - and question general info on ACPI

Jason Kuri jay at
Sat Feb 19 01:05:55 GMT 2005


I've been using FreeBSD on various laptops for years and I have had
mixed success with suspend.  On my Sony Vaio Z505 (450Mhz p2) with APM
(zzz) it would suspend and wake flawlessly... but on my more recent
computers, a thinkpad and more recently an Acer TravelMate 2300 - I
have no luck.

What happens with suspend (acpiconf -s 3) on the Acer is that it goes
to sleep - and when I try to wake it up, it powers up - but the screen
stays blank (off) and it never comes back.

I'm wondering two things - 1) What's the general status of ACPI support
- are there any docs  that I can read that might give me a clue as to
how far along ACPI support is?  2) Is there anything I can do to assist
in getting the suspend and wake-up working?  I've seen people post
information and what looks like dumps for their laptops ACPI info, but
I don't know what programs provide those dumps.

Any assistance anyone can provide would be greatly appreciated!



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