PCCARD & Wireless Aironet 350

v.demartino2 at virgilio.it v.demartino2 at virgilio.it
Thu Apr 21 01:38:40 PDT 2005

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:Date: Thu, 21 Apr 2005 03:27:32 +0200
:From: Marco Wertejuk <wertejuk at mwcis.com>
:To: v.demartino2 at virgilio.it
:Cc: FreeBSD-mobile <freebsd-mobile at freebsd.org>
:Subject: Re: PCCARD & Wireless Aironet 350
:| The facts:
:| In the latest kernel:
:| device pccard
:| device wlan
:| device an
:| In rc.conf -> pccard_enable="YES"
:| BUT
:| upon inserting the aironet card, the system complains:
:| .....
:| pccard0: Card has no functions!
:| cbb0: PC Card card activation failed
:| ......
:Disable your pccard_enable setting, I do not need
:it to get my pcmcia cards running.

I stated 'pccard_enable="NO" ' in my /etc/rc.conf. Nothing the problem is
the same...

:If this doesn't help, try:
:check if you have device cardbus in your kernel,
:I do 

Yes, I do.

Then what else should I check? I wonder if the command pccardc could be
of any help but I do not know how to use it in practice in my case (I have
read the man page!)

In a nutshell any further idea?


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