Help with Ath0

Everton - Matrix suporte2 at
Wed Sep 8 05:09:40 PDT 2004

Hi there folks,

This issue has been discussed before on this list, but i could not solve my
problems reading the previous, here it go! :-)

I´m trying to use the ath0 drivers on a FreeBSD 5.3Beta2 box, but i´m having
some problems with it...

While trying to use the old drivers, things wasn´t going that great, I was
getting a bunch of duplicate packets, then following Sam instructions (to
another guy who was having the same problems...) I´ve upgraded the ath0
drivers to the newest one, but after that, I can´t even "ping" anymore...and
I´m getting the error message, as follows:

ath0: bogus xmit rate 0x3

Can anyone give me a help on this issue?

Here follows some specifications of my setup, it´s a FreeBSD 5.3BETA2 server
with a DLink AG 520 PCI wireless card, the mode is 802.11a and the link
distance is 5,5km long. I´m also using a 22db/5.8G Anthen.

One interesting fact is that I´ve tested this in a shorter distance link
(1km), and it all worked great. (with the old drivers!!!)

Thanks in advance and Best Regards.



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