Docked or undocked installation

Doug lists at
Sun Aug 10 13:02:30 PDT 2003

I know this is waaay basic and probably demonstrates my almost total lack of knowledge about how these things work, but here goes...

I am planning on replacing my Mandrake Linux installation with FreeBSD (4.8, 5.1???), this on an IBM ThinkPad A20p. I have a docking station with (currently) a firewire pc-card in one of the additional pc-card slots on the docking station (with a hd at the other end of it). Should I install freebsd with my laptop docked or undocked? (I installed Linux with it docked and that didn't work brilliantly, so now I am really unsure.)

The related question is, of course, how do I undock? (The docking station locks when the laptop is connected and needs to be sent an undock command, I assume. Is that available in freebsd????)

Thanks for your help.

Doug M-C
lists AT m-c DOT lake DOT mn DOT us

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