Chief Software Architect (Kernel/Networking/Multimedia)

Bayarea Startup gr8jobs at
Tue Nov 2 22:47:36 PST 2004

Chief Software Architect (Kernel/Networking/Multimedia)
San Francisco Bay Area

Who we are:
- Early stage startup company in bootstrap mode.
- Solid business plan to address a big market.
- Have very good contacts with investors, deliberately postponing
  investor engagement at this stage.

Who we are looking for:
- Exceptional candidates to become part of the founding team.
- Full time software architect to lead the overall software strategy. or
  Part time leader but able to put in lot of late night and weekend
hours, and committed to become
  full time after completing Venture Funding in Q1'05.
- Must be self motivated, creative, focused and share the company vision.
- Someone with proven open source contribution record, like committer
in FreeBSD
   or other Unix/Internet communities.
- Excellent C/C++ skills. Perl/Python/Shell a plus.

In addition he should have one or more of the following:
- Kernel/application level experience in *BSD
- Experience with Distributed systems, P2P & Client-Server Network programming.
- Experience in developing VoIP protocol and applications
- Experience in developing multimedia applications (Streaming Audio &
Video, Codecs, Media player etc. )
- Experience with transactions, SQL, databases

Above all, he must be an *entrepreneur* at heart with *hacker* like
technical adeptness to solve complex technical problems
and overcoming limits.

If interested, please send email to gr8jobs at with your resume
and contact information.
Bay Area candidates only.

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