San Rafael, CA, US: Web programmer (PHP, MySQL) + Freebsd sk1llz

Gregory Sutter gsutter at
Sun Nov 7 22:46:13 PST 2004

I am not associated with this position.  Please send questions to the
address in the posting.


Looking for a strong programmer, team player

We are looking for a strong programmer who is very excited about our
business. We are an internet company in the entertainment industry,
building ecommerce applications with open source technology. Your
main focus would be working on new programming projects within our
custom built code base. This is a full time position and we are
looking for a dedicated, focused individual, no contractors please.
We are located in San Rafael, near the Richmond Bridge.

Specializes in PHP and MySQL driven web applications with at least 3 years
of experience.
Extensive knowledge in writing efficient MySQL queries.
Object oriented programming skills.
Knowledge of open source technology, primarily freeBSD with Apache.
Perl experience a bonus.
Knowledge of freeBSD network administration a bonus.

Daily responsiblities:
- maintaining existing PHP code
- building new web applications
- optimizing MySQL queries

Consciousness is very important to us. We strive to make every decision
based on sustainabilty and good karmic reactions for all.

All inquiries please email: jobs at


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