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Greg Lewis glewis at
Mon Oct 3 08:31:15 PDT 2005

On Sun, Oct 02, 2005 at 10:30:58PM -0400, Mikhail T. wrote:
> I have the following issues with the current and
> thereabouts:
> 	1) JAVA_HOME -- `make -V JAVA_HOME' prints the expected
> 	   value, but trying to, say, add JAVA_HOME="${JAVA_HOME}"
> 	   to MAKE_ENV results in an empty string being added...
> 	2) JAVALIBDIR and JAVAJARDIR seem to be the same -- which
> 	   one should be used to look for other ports' JARs and
> 	   which to install my own?

You should look in JAVALIBDIR and install in JAVAJARDIR.

> 	3) Is "USE_JAVA=version" legitimate, or is one supposed to
> 	   use the redundant "USE_JAVA=yes" and "JAVA_VERSION=version"?

The first is legitimate but deprecated, the second is preferred.

> 	4) How to pass javac options to ant (when relying on USE_ANT=yes)?
> 	5) On amd64 (and others, I guess), the only native JDK is 1.5. So,
> 	   when a port declares something like 1.3+ or 1.4+,
> 	   should build 1.5 on the platform, should not it?

Yes.  But it probably doesn't with the current logic which prefers 1.4
for the moment.

I'll pass on the other two questions for the moment.

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