some questions about Java ports

Mikhail T. mi at
Sun Oct 2 19:31:00 PDT 2005


I have the following issues with the current and

	1) JAVA_HOME -- `make -V JAVA_HOME' prints the expected
	   value, but trying to, say, add JAVA_HOME="${JAVA_HOME}"
	   to MAKE_ENV results in an empty string being added...

	2) JAVALIBDIR and JAVAJARDIR seem to be the same -- which
	   one should be used to look for other ports' JARs and
	   which to install my own?

	3) Is "USE_JAVA=version" legitimate, or is one supposed to
	   use the redundant "USE_JAVA=yes" and "JAVA_VERSION=version"?

	4) How to pass javac options to ant (when relying on USE_ANT=yes)?

	5) On amd64 (and others, I guess), the only native JDK is 1.5. So,
	   when a port declares something like 1.3+ or 1.4+,
	   should build 1.5 on the platform, should not it?

Any comments, patches? Thanks!


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