Replacement candidate for urwfonts

Jose M Rodriguez freebsd at
Sun Jun 13 18:40:29 GMT 2004

El Domingo, 13 de Junio de 2004 18:46, escribió:
> Unfortunatelly no. I am in Germany right now and will be back in
> month or so :(  You may ask people on java mailing list for testing
> of it and submit patch which conditionally will enable it with
> jdk14 port.  I afraid that I can't accept patches which are not
> tested by me or any other expirienced in this area guys.
> Fonts and java is very instable relation :(

I Know. But I can't work a patch  against jdk. No skill on that. I can 
only change the RUN_DEPENDS or make a how-to about making gsfonts the 
only URW type1 fontpack and revert the changes.

We are using URW Type1 fonts from three different sources and it seems 
it matters to fontconfig (to closer fonts).

So I'm trying to get only one source, gsfonts. I think it is now closer 
enought to the URW fontpack from gimp to work.

I'll wait for and XFree86-4.4, so I can wait for jdk.

I can't mail to (my ISP fault). Can you forward this to 
java@ if needed.

Thanks for your time,

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