Is native 1.4 jdk useless (SCSL license does not allow internal deployment) ?

Ari Suutari ari at
Wed Jan 28 01:49:38 PST 2004


I hope that I have understood this wrong, but
if one reads the SCSL license when downloading
sources needed to compile native FreeBSD JDK 1.4,
the attachment "C" that tells about "internal deployment use"

This Attachment C is only effective for the Technology
specified in Attachment B, upon execution of Attachment D
(Commercial Use License) including the requirement to pay

Doesn't this mean that I cannot use the native 1.4 JDK for 
anything real without getting commercial license ? 
If so, the native 1.4 jdk is useless - one
has to use diablo-jdk 1.3 (no hotspot....) or linux jdk (is
this stable with emulation).

Please, please correct me if I'm wrong.

	Ari S.

Ari Suutari
Lemi, Finland

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