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Alexey Zelkin phantom at FreeBSD.org
Wed Jan 28 06:06:15 PST 2004


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From: Alexey Zelkin <phantom at FreeBSD.org>
Date: Wed, 28 Jan 2004 06:00:27 -0800 (PST)
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Subject: cvs commit: ports/java/jdk14 Makefile pkg-plist
         ports/java/jdk14/files disable-ipv6.patch patch-deploy::Makefile

phantom     2004/01/28 06:00:27 PST

  FreeBSD ports repository

  Modified files:
    java/jdk14           Makefile pkg-plist 
  Added files:
    java/jdk14/files     disable-ipv6.patch patch-deploy::Makefile 
  1. Switch 5.x version of jdk14 back to libc_r as default threading library.
     We switched FreeBSD-5.x port to libkse as default threading library before
     releasing of patchset 6, but users who has most of stuff linked against
     libc_r and attempted to use jdk linked against libkse got into local hell
     of threading libraries mix.  So, rollback to libc_r by default and add
     PTHREAD_LIBS support for this port.
     IMPORTANT: In order to use libkse as threading library for jdk14 you
     have to use rtld's libmap feature or recompile your ports stuff (like
     mozilla) with libkse.
     NOTE: libkse still has issues with java debug support, so if you're going
     to use debuging (JVMDI) stuff - leave with libc_r for now.
  2. Disable IPv6 support by default.  Unfortunatelly due to security reasons
     IPv4-to-IPv6 addresses mapping is disabled by default in FreeBSD-5.x, so
     those who would like to use Java Networking stuff had to manually
     enable it.  To make jdk14 port more user-friendly IPv6 is disabled now
     on compile time.  Those who need this stuff enabled have to use WITH_IPV6
     compile time option.
  3. Add MINIMAL compile option.  If this option is used to build
     jdk14 port then plugin, javaws and demos stuff will not be installed
     and/or packaged.  Also (as noted in [5]) X11 runtime dependancy will
     not be registered into built package.
  4. Strip runtime depends of jdk14 port.  There's no need to require open-motif
     to be runtime depends since libXm is staticly linked into libawt.so.
  5. Make X11 runtime dependancy conditional (via urwfonts) in !WITHOUT_PLUGIN
     case only.  This should affect only prebuilt package users:  there's no
     need to install X11 libraries if you're going to use non-GUI stuff only
     (i.e. tomcat or jboss)
  6. Add ${LOCALBASE}/lib to the deafult search path for JNI libraries.
  Reported by:    many [1]
  Submitted by:   glewis [6]
  Requested by:   marcus [6]
  Revision  Changes      Path
  1.76      +60 -13      ports/java/jdk14/Makefile
  1.1       +15 -0       ports/java/jdk14/files/disable-ipv6.patch (new)
  1.1       +46 -0       ports/java/jdk14/files/patch-deploy::Makefile (new)
  1.1       +13 -0       ports/java/jdk14/files/patch-vm::os_bsd.cpp (new)
  1.21      +1086 -1086  ports/java/jdk14/pkg-plist

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