applet fails under jdk1.3.1p8_1, works under jdk1.3.1p7_2

Georg-W. Koltermann g.w.k at
Wed Apr 16 09:57:05 PDT 2003

Seems to work for me.  FreeBSD 5.0-RELEASE-p7, jdk-1.3.1p8_1 built with
native threads, Mozilla 1.3.

I do, however, have problems with the NIKU time reporting applet that I
have to use at work.  With the FreeBSD browser and JDK I get error
messages about not being able to get some data source.  It works with
Linux Mozilla (1.2.1) and linux-sun-jdk-, and I remember it
used to work with FreeBSD JDK 1.3.1p7.  This is a vague problem, I
cannot be sure if the applet is still the same as it was when I was
using FreeBSD 1.3.1p7, and I *think* I was using the classic VM for the
plugin then.

Other than this I haven't noticed any irregularity for patchset 8.


Am Di, 2003-04-15 um 02.18 schrieb Ted Faber:
> The super-useful applets from used
> to work just fine under jdk1.3.1p7, but after upgrading to 1.3.1p8 they
> fail.  The applets plot maps of the US (well, the world, but the US by
> default) with various weather data superimposed.  Under p7 this works
> great, but under p8 maps and data all seems to be plotted in the upper
> left corner of the map area.  For example
> They've clearly had jdk problems in the past, related to IE, described
> on this page: .
> All this is under mozilla.  I can provide plugin131.trace files if you
> want, but you can generate your own by opening the site, so I thought
> I'd save the bw.
> If anyone can restore the jdk to supporting these, I'd be very happy,
> and, of course I'm happy to help with any debugging.
> I'm not subscribed to freebsd-java (and usually everything just works,
> so I don't need to be :-)), so please cc me directly.
Georg-W. Koltermann <g.w.k at>

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