C4B: capidev : Error sending message 0x8005 0x2007 / capi4hylafax

Joachim Böddeker jboeddeker at web.de
Thu Jan 20 08:46:13 PST 2005


I have another problem, seems to be within capidev. Every fax I send is automatically resend due to an error. The problem seems to
be with capidev, because of matching error messages in the logfile.

"kernel: capidev: E capidev_write: Appl. id 4: Error sending message 0x8005: 0x2007"

It's always "...: Error sending message 0x8005: 0x2007".

Looking into the source code i found that this error is used for a returncode differing from CAPI_OK received from the

The result of 0x2007 translates into CCE_ILLEGAL_MSG_PARAMETER.

The message of 0x8005 translates into C_SUPPL_NOTIFIC_DIVERSION_ACTIVATED.

Does anybody know, what is happening here?



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